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Woodwick Candles are produced by Virginia Candle Company™ which was founded in 1990 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Today the company occupies a manufacturing facility not far from the original garage in which it was started. Our goal remains the same today, as it was when the company was founded: to make innovative products of the highest quality available.


Woodwick mini jar £9.99

Woodwick medium jar £18.99

Woodwick medium trilody jar £19.99

Woodwick Large jar £24.99

Woodwick Trilody jar £25.99

Heathwick candle £25.99


We pour and hand blend all Country Candles in small batches in our own factory in the quintessentially British Wiltshire countryside, ensuring premium quality for which we're renowned. Other manufacturers contract this process out, this is why we are able to deliver the highest quality product at an affordable price – just right for today's savvy consumer.


Our exceptional fragrances are all from a leading English perfumer and will scent your room perfectly. We have a fantastic range with a style to suit all ages and requirements. Our designer led packaging makes a wonderful ready wrapped gift or home accessory. Scented candles that actually perform so you can buy them as a gift confident that the recipient will be impressed!


Country candle £8.50


Country candle set of 3 candles £19.99

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